Bridge to Bridge

Bridge to Bridge is a running event to commemorate the freedom fighters in Arnhem the Netherlands.

European Athletics Championships

We are part of the team that made this European event successful in 2016 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Skyradio Run

It was a one-day successful event, with our expertise it turned out to be the colourful day.

Rokjes Loop Amsterdam

We are made it an unforgettable running event for the participants and all the stakeholders

N201 Run

We successfully organised this one-time running event specially organized for the opening of the provincial road.

Halve Marathon Nijkerk

From the beginning until today, we have been part of the organizing team. It is growing every year with the number of participants increasing.

Henschotermeer Games

It is a unique event of its kind, the combination of running event together with triathlete event. It is an excellent experience to see the best of the world compete with each other in different disciplines.